After receiving mostly negative feeedback from the crit, I was in dire need to improve my work. Jonathan said my work was more or less to basic like ‘snap, crackle and pop’. He told me to find out the meaning behind the words and concepts.                                                                 While finding out the meanings behind the words, I wanted to find out how to break rules and come across this website:

This is one of the paragraphs from the article that stood at for me:

  • For every broken rule, there is a reason. The inexperienced rule-breaker breaks the rules because s/he doesn’t know any better. The master rule-breaker breaks the rules because, after careful consideration, s/he has decided that the most effective and meaningful way to get something done was to break a rule. They have an explanation for every single step outside the accepted boundaries of the “right and proper”.

After reading the article I came to realise that the work I had produce at first was that of an inexperienced rule-breaker and there for, the message I was trying to get across was weak and ineffective.

Because of this I decided to shorten the view and change it to: ‘a creative means to bend rules’. Also to add emphasis to bend, (changing rules to suit yourself).

To do this instead of using the rules of art which is quite broad, I’ll be focusing on rules of typography as it plays a bigger role in my work.

Graphic Design